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London Bridge Hospital Consultant Newsletter

Mr Cascarini is on the cover of the London Bridge Hospital Consultant Newsletter. Front cover: Mr Luke Cascarini and Mr Alastair Fry, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeons removing a tongue cancer. Luke resects the tumour whilst Alastair harvests vessels from the arm for the free flap.


What can I say about “Dr Luke”? Not enough in this forum, that’s for sure, but I will do my best. If you are reading this because you will be, or are, seeing Luke Cascarini let me tell you that you have the BEST physician taking care of you! Smart, witty, kind and ethical, he

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Mr. Cascarini inspires great confidence; he is an expert in his field, knowledgeable and thorough,  and treats his patients with kindness and empathy. The back-up from his office team is also exemplary. With kindest regards Catherine


Mr. Cascarini has been nothing short of spectacular. From the first meeting, where all information and expectations were laid bare; to putting into contact myself and renowned specialists. The result has been worth both the wait and travelling, and I couldn’t recommend more that you visit Mr. Cascarini to hear what he has to say.

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