Post-operative care

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Mr Luke Cascarini and his team provide an end-to-end-service for patients suffering from conditions of the mouth and jaw and face.

You will be supported throughout your care, from initial appointment to surgery, if required, to post-operative recovery by Luke and his team.

After your procedure, you will be given full instructions such as how to care for the wound site, what you can eat and drink, exercises you will need to do and when and how to take any medication you have been given.

A follow-up appointment will be arranged, usually around a week following your procedure, to check your progress, including the wound site, medication levels and arrange any further scans or treatment.

If you have any concerns once you get home from hospital you can contact us during office hours or the hospital where you were treated.

In advance of going into hospital, you may find these resources helpful:

  • In this range of videos, Luke explains the most common procedures.
  • Our brochures below explain more about what each procedure involves and some simple instructions (full details for your particular condition will be provided on your discharge from hospital).
Wisdom and impacted teeth removal
Jaw joint (TMJ) arthroscopy
Removal of skin lesions
Lymph node removal
Oral surgery – biopsy
Jaw joint (TMJ) replacement
Salivary gland surgery
Regenerative treatments

Luke and his team remain available for patients throughout their treatment and recovery.