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Mr Luke Cascarini and his team provide an end-to-end-service for patients suffering from conditions of the face, mouth and jaw.

Mr Luke Cascarini is available to treat patients for all conditions of the face, mouth and jaw, and treats conditions from wisdom teeth removal through to bi-lateral jaw replacement and free-flap micro-surgery for cancer patients.

Luke sees patients who are referred from their dentist, GP, or those who refer themselves. He sees patients with private medical insurance and patients who choose to pay for their own treatment.

Luke is the Chief of Service for the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, an expert-led dedicated oral and maxillofacial centre of excellence based at Harley Street Specialist Hospital in central London. Download the brochure here.

You will be supported throughout your care, from initial appointment to surgery, if required, to post-operative recovery by Luke and his team.

Your initial appointment

To start your treatment journey, you will need to book an appointment. This will be an opportunity for you to discuss your symptoms with Luke in detail. He will review any X-rays or scans you may have or arrange for these to take place if required. This is usually possible immediately after your appointment. The results of these scans and your discussion will allow Luke to explain your condition and the most suitable treatment options for you. There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions and understand more about what each route involves.

Luke offers appointments at the following locations:

HCA Outpatients & Diagnostics at The Shard
Outpatients: Monday (alternate); Tuesday morning (alternate); Wednesday and Friday afternoon/evening.
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HCA Platinum Medical Centre
Outpatients: Monday (alternate); Tuesday morning (alternate); Wednesday and Friday afternoon/evening.
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The London Clinic
Outpatients: Tuesday afternoon; Wednesday morning.
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BMI The Sloane Hospital
Outpatients: Saturday morning.
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Your treatment, if required will take place at one of these leading London hospitals: The London Clinic; HCA London Bridge Hospital at Guy’s; HCA Wellington Hospital and BMI The Sloane Hospital. If you are having AMPP® or platelet rich plasma, you will be treated at The Regenerative Clinic in Central London.

Luke will explain whether you will require general or local anaesthetic, or sedation. In most cases, you will be able to go home the same day, with full instructions and any medication.

You can contact us or the hospital where you were treated if you have any concerns on returning home following your procedure.

A range of videos explain the most common procedures Luke carries out. Clinical images of a number of mouth conditions are available here (warning: Graphic images).


A follow-up appointment will be arranged, usually around a week following your procedure, to check your progress, including the wound site, medication levels and arrange any further scans or treatment.

Luke and his team remain available for patients throughout their treatment and recovery.

Luke summarises his expertise