Treating facial trauma

Facial trauma can occur as a result of any accident, commonly a car accident, a sports injury or a fall sustained from a height. Damage to the facial tissues can also occur as a result of violence. The damage usually involves broken bones – a broken jaw, a fractured eye socket or fractured cheek bones.

In his work within the National Health Service, Mr Cascarini uses complex surgical techniques to fix bone fractures, usually with metal plates and to close wounds and to repair immediate damage to save life. He works within a multidisciplinary trauma team, which includes eye surgeons, neurosurgeons and radiologists, who provide imaging diagnostics before and during surgery.

One initial healing has taken place, the injury needs to be reassessed to determine the best method of facial reconstruction. This will usually involve further surgery to reconstruct soft tissue or to rebuild the structure of the face using orbital, cheek and chin implants. Dental surgery is also involved as missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants.

Mr Cascarini rarely treats acute facial trauma in his private clinics but he is available for consultation and surgery for facial reconstruction.

These are images of a custom made orbital floor implant.