I didn’t really have any choice but to have the operation as I couldn’t continue as it was. It sounded pretty dramatic when it was explained to me what was to be done and was rather more than I expected (I thought the tumour would just be removed) but in fact it has turned out very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to commend Mr Cascarini for the way he did this and the operation has been a real success. Others, if concerned, needn’t be if my experience is anything to go by.

xray of jaw implant
Three months on and John is feeling “very, very good” following the removal of a jaw tumour and the replacement of his temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with a titanium joint.

No words can explain how much I want to thank Mr Cascarini. He made the whole thing less scary and I never felt what I was going on was as enormous as it in fact was. When you walk into his clinic you are 100% his focus. Anyone who gets to see him should consider themselves extremely lucky. Please go to the dentist, if I hadn’t, my tumour wouldn’t have been spotted and I may not have been so fortunate to have made a full recovery.

young woman smiling
Sam, jaw tumour and reconstruction

As a private GP I guided my patients to the top specialists. If I made a poor judgement I lost the patient.
I myself recently developed a cyst on my upper jaw. This required very delicate and skilled surgical excision. I became a patient of Mr Luke Cascarini. He has the 3 essential ‘A’s of private practice – Availability, Affability and Ability. The same is true for his staff. I could not have been better cared for.I hope I don’t develop another cyst – but I know where I’ll go if I do. And I know who I would recommend to anyone else.

Dr Robert Lefever