No words can explain how much I want to thank Mr Cascarini. He made the whole thing less scary and I never felt what I was going on was as enormous as it in fact was. When you walk into his clinic you are 100% his focus. Anyone who gets to see him should consider themselves extremely lucky. Please go to the dentist, if I hadn’t, my tumour wouldn’t have been spotted and I may not have been so fortunate to have made a full recovery.

young woman smiling
Sam, jaw tumour and reconstruction

After many years of suffering with Osteoarthritis of my TMJ joints I saw many consultants about what could be done but I was met with you just have to live with it.

I then saw Mr Cascarini who understood exactly how I felt and treated me accordingly. After several interventions with much care and attention Mr Cascarini conducted a bilateral joint reconstruction which went without a fault and I have recovered exceedingly well.

For which I am for ever grateful

Anne Duffee