Although the surgery is quite involved, I found the whole process (including the surgical recovery) much more straightforward than I had anticipated. This really didn’t feel like a ‘car crash’ surgery: but rather a highly controlled, and relatively pain free one. I attribute this to Mr Cascarini’s skill and gentle approach. I would recommend that anyone suffering from similar jaw problems seek advice and trust Mr Cascarini’s informed opinion: he is conservative in approach and I trust that he would not recommend surgery lightly.

Catherine has bilateral TMJ replacements to overcome pain, stiffness, and deteriorating mobility in her jaw joints

From the moment I walked into Mr Cascarini’s office I felt I was in safe hands, he made me feel like finally someone understood. He explained my options and I never once felt pressured into having any of the procedures. After the initial healing from surgery I can honestly say I have never felt better, I can eat normally, smile normally and most importantly I feel no pain, Mr Cascarini is a superhero in disguise and someone who I will be eternally grateful too. Thank you!

Josie Ansell
Josie had a titanium jaw replacement after many years of jaw pain and locking

I didn’t really have any choice but to have the operation as I couldn’t continue as it was. It sounded pretty dramatic when it was explained to me what was to be done and was rather more than I expected (I thought the tumour would just be removed) but in fact it has turned out very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to commend Mr Cascarini for the way he did this and the operation has been a real success. Others, if concerned, needn’t be if my experience is anything to go by.

xray of jaw implant
Three months on and John is feeling “very, very good” following the removal of a jaw tumour and the replacement of his temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with a titanium joint.

My jaw is now feeling so much better! I can eat fully now which is amazing and I no longer have the worry of my jaw locking again. Overall, I have been so grateful for the care, advice and treatment Mr Cascarini has given. My case was not a simple one and he was determined that I would be “fixed: one way or another”. I can’t recommend him enough and on top of all of the professionalism he is a genuinely nice guy!

Naomi’s jaw is now feeling so much better after a TMJ (jaw joint) replacement procedure

Olivia demonstrates how her bilateral TMJ replacement surgery, only 3 months ago, allows her full movement in her jaw.

Olivia, 3 months post TMJ replacement surgery

What can I say about “Dr Luke”? Not enough in this forum, that’s for sure, but I will do my best. If you are reading this because you will be, or are, seeing Luke Cascarini let me tell you that you have the BEST physician taking care of you! Smart, witty, kind and ethical, he goes about his work with compassion and grace. He’s interested in you as a person, an individual…not as just another “case”. He understands that he is not just doing surgery, he is affecting your life(and in many cases, saving it!) and he is willing to make sure he does his best to leave you looking as if that operation had never happened…or maybe even better than that!! I’m a fairly aged, way too self-conscious and judgmental New Yorker and I’ve seen, known and worked with many very good doctors in my time (and some who were good but totally unapproachable and unwilling to try to “get” who you are) and Luke Cascarini is certainly at the top of my pyramid (as is his very adept, kind and always caring Secretary, Carla)! I promise you: you are in terrific and very skilful hands. Oh…and, by the way, he’s awfully nice to look at too!!

Ri, February 2019