I had a long history of pain since May 2020 when I developed toothache, ear pain and my face became swollen on one side. My dentist diagnosed bruxism (where you grind, gnash or clench your teeth sometimes in your sleep or unconsciously). Having seen Mr Cascarini, I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is phenomenal very easy to relate to, he understands and is straightforward, an extraordinary man who has given me my life back. Morea and his team have also been amazing and gave me the reassurance I needed.

Victoria Harvey
Victoria thanks Mr Cascarini for giving her her life back following BMAC and arthroscopy for severe jaw problems

I had suffered with problems with my jaw for years, I was always told it would be fine or it would fix itself. I had very limited opening of my jaw, which limited what I could eat, so I decided I could not wait, and I sought out urgent help. I would suggest those with TMJ problems to seek help with Mr Cascarini and his team sooner rather than later.

Amy Frost
Amy has a TMJ arthroscopy with BMAC for lockjaw and pain

Don’t give up hope, see Mr Cascarini as he is literally the best. He gave me hope where I had no hope. He is very professional but also friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend BMAC, friends I have on the facebook group for TMJ conditions can’t believe how amazing I look after 3 weeks.

Young woman taking in consultation room
Toni, nurse, BMAC and arthroscopy for reduced jaw opening

I would highly recommend not only Mr Cascarini, but also the procedure. I would advise anyone with similar problems to get it sorted early, instead of thinking it is stress and that it will simply go away. Very happy indeed with how this surgery has transformed my life.

Woman smiling
Candice, level III jaw arthroscopy for a slipped disc

To sum up my experience, quite simply, the best surgical experience I have ever had. My expectations have been exceeded and I couldn’t be happier. Have your surgery with Mr Cascarini. You will not regret it and will be in the safest, most diligent, and experienced of hands.

James, TMJ arthroscopy for TMJ arthrosis and clicking/gnawing jaw

It is very rare that you meet someone and instantly feel that you are putting your health into the safest of hands.

I had been suffering with facial pain for a couple of years and was diagnosed as having TMJD by my dentist. The issue recently worsened to the extent that I was unable to work on a full-time basis, a job that requires me to speak for up to 8 hours a day. Frustratingly, nobody seemed able to provide me with a solution to the problem, until I met Mr Cascarini, who could see straight away from an MRI scan that I required a bilateral TMJ arthroscopy. At the same time, Mr Cascarini removed a potentially problematic wisdom tooth that other dental surgeons were reluctant to take out due to its proximity to a nerve. Having a wisdom tooth taken out by an inexperienced surgeon is simply not worth the risk given the long term damage that can result if approached incorrectly. In my case, Mr Cascarini did an excellent job and I am recovering very quickly. Although I have only recently had the procedure, I can already feel the TMJ pain that has been bothering me for over five months has disappeared.

I would equally like to show my appreciation to Carla Woodcock, Mr Cascarini’s PA, who has been incredibly efficient and thoughtful throughout the whole process. You actually know that when you are told something is being dealt with, it truly is! To have both a consultant and a PA who work to such a high standard is incredibly rare.

When it comes to any health issue, particularly those that relate to the face, risks simply aren’t worth taking and it is for that reason that I would recommend anyone to see Mr Cascarini.

I actually consider myself very fortunate to have a health issue that falls within Mr Cascarini’s areas of expertise. He is both patient and attentive and immediately puts you at ease. At no time do you feel rushed by Mr Cascarini.

People use the term “brilliant” all too often, but in this case, this is exactly what Mr Cascarini is. What makes him even more wonderful is his incredible modesty.

Lucy Spyrou