Samantha Levy trekking

In December 2017 a very rare tumour was found to be setting up camp in my jaw bone and I was so lucky to have found it when I did! It was the month before that I got introduced to Mr Luke Cascaraini and this is my way of being able to give something back to the amazing team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. Especially the head and neck cancer team, of which Mr Cascarini is a part.

He has literally held my life (and face) in his hands 8 times in the last 14 months. He’s removed my tumour, my lower left jaw, wired my jaw shut, unwired it and then went on to rebuild my face using my hip in an all mighty 11.5-hour surgery. He did all this with such compassion and care, not just for me but for my loved ones.

Using my fancy new hip and face I have decided to take on a challenge of a lifetime and trek the Great Wall of China. Really putting their hard work to the test! It is something I have always wanted to do and now I can do it and help to give to an almighty cause at the same time.

The Head and Neck Cancer fund at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital obviously means more to me and my family than I can ever put into words. This team work tirelessly on some of the most interesting cases I’ve ever heard of. This very strange cancer that doesn’t get very much attention needs people like Mr Cascarini, Mr Alistair Fry and their teams to keep pioneering, keep researching and most importantly saving people’s lives!

Samantha Levy trekking