I was suffering from reduced jaw opening and in constant severe pain. Until I met Mr Cascarini, I was beginning to suffer at work and avoiding social get togethers. He gave me the confidence that he could help me. I’m now 4 weeks post-surgery, having had an arthroscopy with BMAC and I am so grateful to Mr Cascarini, his surgical skills and knowledge regarding the TMJ is unquestionable. My recovery process is still in its early days, but I am now relatively pain free, sleeping at night and my jaw opening has doubled, thus allowing me to eat.

Francesca says a BIG thank you to the ‘amazing and talented’ Mr Cascarini and highly recommends him for TMJ (jaw) problems.

I had a long history of pain since May 2020 when I developed toothache, ear pain and my face became swollen on one side. My dentist diagnosed bruxism (where you grind, gnash or clench your teeth sometimes in your sleep or unconsciously). Having seen Mr Cascarini, I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is phenomenal very easy to relate to, he understands and is straightforward, an extraordinary man who has given me my life back. Morea and his team have also been amazing and gave me the reassurance I needed.

Victoria Harvey
Victoria thanks Mr Cascarini for giving her her life back following BMAC and arthroscopy for severe jaw problems

Although the surgery is quite involved, I found the whole process (including the surgical recovery) much more straightforward than I had anticipated. This really didn’t feel like a ‘car crash’ surgery: but rather a highly controlled, and relatively pain free one. I attribute this to Mr Cascarini’s skill and gentle approach. I would recommend that anyone suffering from similar jaw problems seek advice and trust Mr Cascarini’s informed opinion: he is conservative in approach and I trust that he would not recommend surgery lightly.

Catherine has bilateral TMJ replacements to overcome pain, stiffness, and deteriorating mobility in her jaw joints

From the moment I walked into Mr Cascarini’s office I felt I was in safe hands, he made me feel like finally someone understood. He explained my options and I never once felt pressured into having any of the procedures. After the initial healing from surgery I can honestly say I have never felt better, I can eat normally, smile normally and most importantly I feel no pain, Mr Cascarini is a superhero in disguise and someone who I will be eternally grateful too. Thank you!

Josie Ansell
Josie had a titanium jaw replacement after many years of jaw pain and locking

I would say to anyone suffering with TMJ conditions is please trust that there is a solution! I was completely floored when the NHS told me I had no chance of going back to a normal pain free life. Mr Cascarini not only gave me hope but he followed through and saved me from having to have complete jaw replacement! He is a professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely nice; I cannot thank him or recommend him enough for his innovative and live saving BMAC treatment.

Pamela required an arthroscopy with BMAC and Botox into her masticatory muscles for severe bruxism.

I would advise anyone with similar concerns to go and see Mr Cascarini. He has a very reassuring manner about him and is very pleasant and easy to talk to. He exudes experience and professionalism – essentially all you want when you go to see someone with a health concern. Whilst I was pleased to have been given the all-clear, I got the feeling that if there had been something wrong, Mr Cascarini would have handled it very well. He’s obviously very good at what he does.

Man in suit
John needed a biopsy to examine his mouth in more detail

I didn’t really have any choice but to have the operation as I couldn’t continue as it was. It sounded pretty dramatic when it was explained to me what was to be done and was rather more than I expected (I thought the tumour would just be removed) but in fact it has turned out very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to commend Mr Cascarini for the way he did this and the operation has been a real success. Others, if concerned, needn’t be if my experience is anything to go by.

xray of jaw implant
Three months on and John is feeling “very, very good” following the removal of a jaw tumour and the replacement of his temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with a titanium joint.

From my very first contact with Mr Cascarini’s office I have received the highest level of care and received detailed information at all stages. I was amazed to be undergoing surgery barely 6 weeks after my initial consultation and delighted with the improvements. Even two weeks post-surgery my life feels very different and I am looking forward to a celebratory Valentine’s Day meal with my partner, something unimaginable a month ago. I would undergo this surgery again in a heartbeat, although I have every confidence that I will not need to, thanks to Mr Cascarini’s knowledge and skill. Thank you so much.

Paula having celebratory fish and chips in her local park after the surgery.
Paula describes bilateral arthroscopy with BMAC for stabbing jaw pains and limited mouth opening as an “amazing intervention.”

My jaw is now feeling so much better! I can eat fully now which is amazing and I no longer have the worry of my jaw locking again. Overall, I have been so grateful for the care, advice and treatment Mr Cascarini has given. My case was not a simple one and he was determined that I would be “fixed: one way or another”. I can’t recommend him enough and on top of all of the professionalism he is a genuinely nice guy!

Naomi’s jaw is now feeling so much better after a TMJ (jaw joint) replacement procedure

My advice to patients with similar symptoms is to go and see Mr Cascarini and get the BMAC treatment if that’s what is recommended as this seems to have done the trick for me. I am over the moon about my treatment. I’ve gone from having no life to having a life. It was very miserable before and how I feel now is amazing in comparison. I think Mr Cascarini is amazing, he really is. He’s been nothing but sweet and caring, he is an amazing doctor.

Pamela's xrays
Pamela is ‘over the moon’ following an arthroscopy and BMAC for severe jaw pain and restricted jaw opening