Carla and Luke are the A team!

Carla is the first call that I made to this very special practice. I immediately knew that the my first meeting with Luke was going to be positive professional and personal . She made me feel immediately at ease and that my problems would be well coped with. Luke Cascarini is undoubtedly an excellent diagnostician, a holistic practitioner and a dedicated surgeon but above this he is a caring kind human being. I have been a patient of his for 3 years, he has always been there for me. In the bad times he went the extra mile , beyond all calls of duty, to try to help my intractable pain. He is always contactable, either directly or through the efficient, effective, kind Carla. Now , May 2016 after major and minor surgery, he is still thoughtful, sensitive and an extremely reliable, honest doctor/surgeon. More recently, I have been suffering various generalised symptoms , reluctantly I saw Luke and he made a brilliant provisional diagnosis. The care he has taken in trying to confirm this diagnosis before treatment has been outstanding.

Both Carla and Luke are committed and attentive and as a patient you feel looked after and cared for.

Thank you