I had a very traumatic cycling accident on the 28 th May 2018. I sustained a severe, dislocated break of my jaw, devastatingly lost or irreparably damaged four of the most prominent teeth in my mouth (my left incisor through to my right canine) and fractured the spinous process of my C5 vertebra. My face was unrecognizable and I was in extreme pain.

Mr Luke Cascarini worked together as part of a very caring and professional team with my dentist, Dr Gaynor Langley, and endodontist, Mr Simon Cunnington, to map-out and execute a remarkable reconstruction of my jaw and lay the foundations for the reconstruction of my teeth.

My jaw was extremely displaced with multiple fractures, having been both shunted back and tipped out of alignment. In fact, I was completely unable to shut my mouth between the accident and the surgical procedure undertaken by Mr Cascarini to reposition and fuse the mangled pieces of my jaw.

Mr Cascarini painstakingly repaired my jaw by meticulously repositioning the broken elements and fixing them into position with two dental plates which he subsequently removed when all bone tissues had fused.

The procedure was executed with great care, so as not to further disrupt the surrounding tissue or tooth structure which my dentist and endodontist sought to preserve for the future reconstruction of my missing teeth.

Given the gravity of the accident, I could not envisage a day when I would resemble my former self. However, my fears were allayed completely by Mr Cascarini. His surgical skill coupled with his open and responsive approach to patient care greatly minimized the stress and pain that I experienced in the aftermath of the accident and during treatment. It also left me feeling exceptionally confidant that I will make a full recovery and have the best possible outcome achievable.

I am extremely grateful that in was in Mr Cascarini’s hands for this key element of my rehabilitation.