Sam, jaw tumour and reconstruction

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I went to a routine dentist appointment, which I almost didn’t go to due to work commitments. I had no symptoms, and nothing was visible to the naked eye, but they found something which wasn’t there the year before.

I was referred to an oral surgeon who, when he looked at X-rays, said that I needed to see a maxillofacial surgeon and he recommended Mr Cascarini.

Mr Cascarini thought it was a cyst at first but to be certain, he sent me for a cone-beam CT scan and carried out a biopsy, which identified it as a rare benign odontegenic myxoma tumour inside my left jaw bone. The first of 13 operations was to remove my jaw bone, along with the tumour and five teeth. Subsequent procedures included wiring my jaw shut, unwiring it and then rebuilding my face using my hip in an 11.5-hour operation.

Throughout this period, which lasted from December 2018 until my teeth implants a few weeks ago (September 2020), I felt so well looked after by Mr Cascarini and his team including Alistair Fry and their anaesthetist. They gave me such great support during the procedures and in between, when I had full access to Mr Cascarini, who was patient in answering my questions at every stage.

Mr Cascarini and his team has made it so much more bearable for me and my family. He put me completely at ease from the moment I met him. I trusted him completely and he kept my dentist up to date throughout.

No words can explain how much I want to thank Mr Cascarini. He made the whole thing less scary and I never felt what I was going on was as enormous as it in fact was. When you walk into his clinic you are 100% his focus. Anyone who gets to see him should consider themselves extremely lucky. Please go to the dentist, if I hadn’t, my tumour wouldn’t have been spotted and I may not have been so fortunate to have made a full recovery.

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Sam’s jaw following the removal of a section of jaw and 5 teeth.

Sam’s jaw following the removal of a section of jaw and 5 teeth

Sam post implantation of her 5 new teeth in September 2020.

Click here to see images of the removal of the section of Sam’s jaw and 5 teeth (warning graphic images).

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