Pamela is ‘over the moon’ following an arthroscopy and BMAC for severe jaw pain and restricted jaw opening

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I was in extreme pain with my jaw and I couldn’t open my mouth more than 1cm.  I was referred to Mr Cascarini from the Regenerative Clinic, where I was having other treatment.

I had an initial appointment, and he gave me a steroid injection for the jaw pain. This helped for a few months, but I then had a fall from a chair and hit the side of my head on a table and the pain but came back really badly, I was in agony. Mr Cascarini’s secretary made me an appointment for the next day. He took some X-rays and said that the fall had exacerbated the arthritis in the jaw, particularly on the right-hand side.

He booked me in for an arthroscopy and BMAC (bone marrow aspirate concentrate) on the Friday of the same week as I was in so much pain. This involved taking bone marrow from my hip and injecting it into my jaw, which I had under general anaesthetic.

Since then (it was only three days ago), I am so much better, I can now talk, which I previously couldn’t due to the small jaw opening. It’s still sore but nothing like it was. I was previously living on porridge and soup but can now eat soft food. I think Mr Cascarini is amazing, he really is. He’s been nothing but sweet and caring, he is an amazing doctor. I am over the moon about my treatment. I’ve gone from having no life to having a life. It was very miserable before and how I feel now is amazing in comparison.

February 2021

Pamela's xrays