Louisa’s jaw pain and stiffness has completely gone following Botox injections

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I had problems with TMD from grinding my teeth. I would wake up with a very stiff and painful jaw every day. I would have to massage my jaw each morning to ease the pain. A friend of mine had been to see Mr Cascarini for a similar reason. She had told me that the Botox treatment worked wonders for her, so I had high expectations – it did not disappoint!

The injections hurt a little and I felt quite faint – I am not good with injections though, so I imagine they would be a breeze for most people. My jaw felt slightly bruised and stiff for a few days, but other than that there was no downtime, so it does not interfere with busy schedules.

My jaw feels amazing now, I get no pain or stiffness which is great. I would highly recommend Botox injections to people experiencing similar problems. I have noticed a huge difference and I get no complaints from my partner about my grinding!

Mr Cascarini made me feel very comfortable when I was nervous about the injections. The treatment has made such a difference. I am a very happy customer!

January 2021