In June 2013 Dr Luke Cascarini was called in by a fellow Surgeon as a specialist oral and maxillofacial head and neck consultant.

This was to organize a biopsy and advise treatment for my wife who had been diagnosed with a large tumor under her tongue. From our initial meeting with him we were impressed by his reassuring manor and consideration for my wife’s sever pain and discomfort.

Over the next few years Dr Cascarini attended on several occasions my wife during my wife’s treatments for her cancer and ill health.

He was again called upon in April 2016 when sadly a new tumor was located under her chin. His considered advice in treating this recurrent condition was a relative new concept called electrochemopherapy.

This he explained to us from recent studies would give my wife positive palliative benefits.

He satisfied all of our fears by tackling head on and explaining every aspect of the procedure and of his hand picked team who would be assisting him in the theater and aftercare.

We trusted him absolutely and that trust was more than justified with a successful result for the first procedure. Then a second followed four months later to continue the process of shrinking the tumor. With a third procedure planned later this month.

He sees my wife regularly to check that everything is going to plan and organized important appointments with fellow surgeons.

Dr Luke Cascarini is a wonderful caring man who is absolutely committed in helping my wife to be as well as is possible, and free of anxiety.

I would absolutely recommend him as both a dedicated exceptional surgeon and as a loyal and trusted friend.