John’s mouth cancer journey

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I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma – oral cancer. I had initially gone to the dentist due to gum irritation and he said I needed a wisdom tooth extraction. I was sent to another dental surgeon for it to be removed and then went back home. I then developed a condition called dry socket so had to go back to the dental surgeon two days later to get it packed. I was in excruciating pain and had to go back every day for it to be repacked. After the 4th visit, I received a message asking me to come to the surgery where I was told that they had found cancer in the sample of gum removed during surgery.

I was initially referred by the dental surgeon to the Ulster NHS, however my sister sought out private treatment and found Mr Cascarini online. I called his office straight away and we had a video appointment. I found Luke to be a calm man and he could not have been more encouraging. He instilled confidence immediately, said it was straightforward treatment and the procedure would be simple and quick.

His warm, friendly personality put me at my ease. He put things in simple clear terms, demystifying complicated medical terminology. He explained everything so well and took the fear away from me. I knew exactly what the procedure involved and what the recuperation would entail even before the surgery. Luke is completely down to earth, and he has bedside manner in spades.

I arrived in London, had a CT scan on my leg and then surgery began on April 18th. It was a 7-hour operation. I was in intensive care for 2-3 days and then stayed in hospital for a further 10 days. Luke and his colleague Mr Alastair Fry were wonderful and looked after me so well during that stay.

Luke has continued to keep in touch with me since I got home, and my recovery is progressing well. We have regular Skype calls and all my questions are fully and comprehensively answered. Luke’s office very speedily sent all the paperwork to the GP and Ulster Hospital so radiotherapy could start asap.

Overall, my treatment with Luke couldn’t have been more professional and I am in good spirits, largely due to the support he has given me. No effort is spared to explain everything I need to know and have all my questions answered.

He is a man of the highest integrity and humorous too! I couldn’t have met a better surgeon. I really think I landed on my feet when I met Luke and Mr Fry with whom he works closely, I am indebted to them both.

I can say with absolute confidence please do not hesitate contact Mr Cascarini immediately if you need treatment. My surgery was time bound and the margins were so close. It is nowhere near as frightening as I previously thought.

Thank you for saving my life. All my family and friends know it was you who saved me. You are a gent of a man.

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John relaxing afterwards