Over the past few years the ability to open my mouth to eat was reducing to such a state that I could not even get a single slice of bread into it would having to cut up what I was eating. I had seen several specialists both in the middle east and in the UK all of which left me with a feeling that my life would never be as it once was – All until I was referred to Mr Luke Cascarini. From the moment I had my first consultation his straight talking explanations filled me with confidence and trust. He spent time on each option I could take, guided and supported me, and for the first time in years I felt that I could live a normal life.

Once we agreed on total jaw replacement he expedited the process to meet my personal situation, day or night he and his team were at the end of a phone to talk me thru my concerns. His secretary Carla became my ‘best friend’ taking away the need to constantly keep the insurance company updated and seek approval after approval- she took care of all this, and even just called to ensure I was feeling OK.

Luke Cascarini, is by far the most professional, caring and committed consultant I have ever met.

My operation took place on 30th April. For the first time in my life, I was not worried or concerned about have surgery and major surgery at that. Having someone that is by far, the best in his field of expertise is beyond value.

After two days in ICU, I was in my hospital bed eating steak- and for the first time in several years, steak that was not chopped up as if I was feeding a baby. My bite has gone from 5mm to 4cm. I can now eat the biggest hamburger- all within 2 weeks of the jaw replacement

Within the same week (7th May) I was released from hospital and felt so great that I refereed a full rugby match the next day. My recovery has been such that I am returning to full work just two weeks after surgery.

My wife and family have seen not only the physical change but one where my self-belief and confidence has returned. I would be happy to run thru my experience with anyone who is going through the same issue. I can, without any hesitation record that Mr Luke Cascarini has given me back my life.