John needed a biopsy to examine his mouth in more detail

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I was referred to Mr Cascarini by my regular dentist who saw something he wasn’t sure of in my mouth during a routine appointment. I had no symptoms whatsoever, although I could feel something in my mouth after it had been pointed out to me.

I was initially referred to Guy’s Hospital, however my GP recommended Mr Cascarini, so I booked in to see him. He examined my mouth and although he didn’t think it was anything sinister, he recommended a biopsy to confirm. This was able to be done there and then at Harley Street Specialist Hospital. We were able to go straight into the minor ops. room next door to the consultation room. Mr Cascarini did a full inspection with a camera through my nose and throat and then used a local anaesthetic to take the biopsy where the inflammation was.

The staff in his practice were all very helpful and professional but reassuring. In particular the nurse who was in the minor ops theatre with me was terrific. It was quite unpleasant having the camera down my nose and throat and she was calm and with a great bedside manner.

The results came through within a week and I was pleased to have it confirmed that the biopsy had been analysed and it was benign. I needed no further treatment and was discharged.

I would advise anyone with similar concerns to go and see Mr Cascarini. He has a very reassuring manner about him and is very pleasant and easy to talk to. He exudes experience and professionalism – essentially all you want when you go to see someone with a health concern. Whilst I was pleased to have been given the all-clear, I got the feeling that if there had been something wrong, Mr Cascarini would have handled it very well. He’s obviously very good at what he does.

March 2021

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