James treatment journey – TMJ arthroscopy

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I discovered I had an issue with my jaw during unrelated treatment for a sinus problem. I was given a CAT Scan and I was informed that I had degenerative TMJ (temporomandibular joint) arthrosis on the right side of my jaw. I had never heard of this condition before, but was, understandably, very concerned, albeit not surprised.

This was because I have had issues with my Jaw since being a teenager, which started as a “jaw-lock” with a “clicking” sound and then led to a general, “gnawing”. The throbbing pain and this gnawing of my jaw were becoming progressively worse and often happened subconsciously, which had become a compulsion. I tried various jaw exercised and ibuprofen medication, but nothing seemed to last for very long. The pain was getting worse, when it was cold for example, and jaw exercises or ibuprofen gel only provided temporary relief. I knew I had to seek treatment.

When I had approval that I could contact a Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon from BUPA, I did an in-depth search. Mr Cascarini was my first choice for my TMJ arthroscopy. Mr Cascarini’s experience and knowledge in the area is second to none for example his work with injecting hyaluronic acid, protein rich plasma into the TMJ area. Just remarkable!
As Mr Cascarini had mentioned that my particular case was beyond repair of simple jaw strengthening exercises, I knew that my arthroscopy was my only option for longer term pain relief. I had high hopes that the throbbing pain and gnawing compulsion would be alleviated.

I was, understandably, anxious about the procedure due to the current health crisis (Spring 2020) and the prospect of a general anaesthetic. However, my worries were quickly quashed by how well I was treated by Mr Cascarini and team. The anaesthesiologist was personable, patient and meticulously detailed. Before I knew it, I had been fully briefed, prepared, and ready for surgery! I woke up to a dedicated after-care team and the reassuring words of Mr Cascarini. I was fully looked after and given all necessary medications and had all next steps explained. The team went above and beyond for my comfort and I could not have been treated better.

The detailed notes provided prior to my surgery by Mr Cascarini’s PA managed my expectations for recovery and allowed me to make suitable arrangements to be collected upon discharge. I was provided with all medications and clear instructions. I was informed how to opt for soft foods and avoid chewing and putting any extra strain on the joint. I was given a clear time-frame as to when my recovery should conclude and, to my amazement, I was contacted by phone 48 hours afterwards by Mr Cascarini himself! This was such a fantastic and caring touch that I have never had before. I was absolutely fine but to have Mr Cascarini contact me directly and be able to answer any queries really helped to expedite my recovery process. Quite simply, I was looked after every step of the way.

I am now experiencing a noticeable difference and do not have the gnawing or throbbing feeling from before. I am no longer gnawing my jaw mindlessly and back to experiencing all benefits and experiences from my jaw. I am extremely happy with the outcome!

I can live my life without pain or compulsively gnawing my jaw. I have noticed a huge difference in the last few weeks in regard to the manoeuvrability of the TMJ area. I can now enjoy food that I wasn’t able to before! I am so excited for the future and cannot thank Mr Cascarini and his team enough.

If you are reading this, good news, you have already found the perfect surgeon! Do not delay! Have your surgery with Mr Cascarini today! You will not regret it and will be in the safest, most diligent, and experienced of hands.

To sum up my experience, quite simply, the best surgical experience I have ever had. From the initial contact and consultation to surgery, discharge, and follow-up, I have been communicated in detail and compassion by Mr Cascarini and his team. I had my expectations managed and am extremely happy with the outcome. The clinic was spotlessly clean, and the team were approachable, dedicated and efficient. I had any worries alleviated by the detail and patience I was shown. I am now experiencing a noticeable difference to my TMJ jaw function. All in all, a jaw-some experience!

James, June 2020