Mr Cascarini and his team are excellent in every way. Kind, caring and compassionate. I feel very fortunate to be in the hands of such a highly skilled Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.

On meeting Mr Cascarini, I realised immediately that I was in very safe and capable hands, which was an absolute blessing, because I had spent the previous 3 months having no success in finding anyone who knew or who could explain to me what had happened to my jaw and what was causing me this pain and discomfort.

Mr Cascarini was able to ascertain, at my first appointment, what the problem was with my jaw. An MRI scan which was organised for 2 days later, confirmed that the dislocation of my jaw, 3 months previously, had destroyed the cartilage cushion disc in the jaw and pushed it into the wrong place; and that the pain I had experienced, when this first happened, had been because the jaw was only partially relocated on one side only.

I was worried In case my jaw dislocated again, and for that reason I had become very fearful of opening my mouth more than a centimetre or two, so I asked Mr. Cascarini if he would take out an infected/impacted wisdom tooth for me under a general anaesthetic. I was delighted with the results, and did not suffer any pain or discomfort after the operation or during the healing process which was very quick indeed.

I am so grateful to have found such a highly skilled and compassionate surgeon as Mr Cascarini.