I had been suffering with infections on my lower wisdom teeth for the best part of five years. The infections were gradually getting worse and I knew something had to be done, but I was terrified of having the operation and going under general anaesthetic.

I decided to bite the bullet after having seen Mr Luke Cascarini a few weeks earlier. He put me at ease during our first consultation and explained that I really needed to have this done as I would otherwise be constantly under the weather with recurring infections – I knew he was right.

I had my operation at the Wellington Hospital earlier this week and was put at ease from the moment I was admitted into the hospital. I spoke to Carla (Mr Cascarini’s assistant) a couple of days earlier who explained to me the whole process from start to finish which helped a lot with my nerves. I had my doubts as my local dentist had really put me off having the procedure but Carla reassured me that Mr Cascarini had done hundreds of wisdom teeth removals and that this was a very simple procedure for him.

The procedure was over and done with very quickly and I stayed at the hospital for a few hours. The nurses were extremely attentive and I went home later that day with antibiotics and painkillers. Mr Cascarini came to see me after the op and confirmed all went well and that I could return to work after 7 days.

I was worried about my absence from work but Carla also covered this with a letter, she even sent this through on the day of my operation so I could send straight to my work to avoid any hassle.

As a very anxious patient, I would highly recommend Mr Cascarini as a surgeon and can honestly say the service received both from him and his assistant was truly outstanding, what a great team!