Candice, level III jaw arthroscopy for a slipped disc

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I had been experiencing severe pain in my jaw when biting into foods like apples and even sandwiches. I had been experiencing pain in the left side of my jaw when I did anything from eating to yawning for over four years. This was accompanied by a loud popping sound. I thought maybe stress was causing me to clench in my sleep and that the next day my jaw would hurt because of the clenching. My dentist made me special mouth guards, and I was worried about having any kind of jaw surgery because of the stories I had heard of jaws being wired shut, and the thought made me reluctant.

At one of my last dentist appointments, I could not open my mouth wide enough for the procedure without feeling like my jaw was going to pop out or get stuck. All of this considered, I asked my dentist, Dr Magda Kiczka, what my options were, and she referred me to Mr Cascarini, as he is known for doing cutting edge, minimally invasive procedures.

After a couple of visits and an MRI of my jaw, Mr Cascarini found that the disc in my left jaw joint had slipped out. He suggested an arthroscopic procedure to bring this slipped disc back into the joint. I had this procedure on March 5th, 2020.

Before the surgery I thought that maybe I would still experience some popping, it is the sound I have heard every time I have taken a bite of anything for the last four years. But now, my jaw feels better than it has in years. No popping, and no pain when I eat.

This treatment was very easy, and I expected to be in more pain during the recovery, but it was very minimal. I had a small amount of pain when trying to open my jaw after weeks of no movement. But it made sense because it had not been used. I have a couple of tiny marks up on my left jawbone, but they are hardly noticeable. The recovery was speedy, and everything was explained very well so I knew what to expect.

I would advise anyone with similar problems to get it sorted early, instead of thinking it is stress and that it will simply go away. Get this procedure as it is minimally invasive, and the recovery is quite quick with hardly any pain.

I would highly recommend not only Mr Cascarini, but also the procedure. Very happy indeed with how this surgery has transformed my life.

Candice, September 2020

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