Barbara, multiple tooth removal

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I had severe toothache over a number of weeks and antibiotics that were prescribed were having very little effect. I had pain emanating from several upper and lower teeth and just a general ache and discomfort.

I mentioned I had severe toothache to a family friend during a lockdown Facetime session on a Saturday evening and asked if he knew of a dentist that was open. He told me Luke Cascarini was a first class and excellent surgeon and sent a text to Luke and within half an hour his practice manger, Morea, called me on my mobile and arranged an appointment for me to see Mr Cascarini on the following Wednesday. She also arranged X-rays for the Tuesday prior to the consultation.

I was grateful that someone would be able to see me so quickly during lockdown as I was hoping that the pain would be relieved as soon as possible.

My treatment, which resulted in the removal of 3 teeth, was excellent from the beginning to the end. The whole process was very slick, and I believe that there were thorough examinations of my mouth. Nothing was too much trouble and I felt reassured I was in capable hands.

Following the tooth removal, the pain from the infected teeth disappeared immediately and even though my mouth was a bit sore from the surgery it gradually dissipated over the next few days.

My mouth feels much better, of course it is still a little tender in the gum round where the teeth were extracted, however, in comparison to the pain I felt before surgery, the difference is remarkable.

I would stress to other people in similar pain to seek help immediately and not wait for something to get better on its own. It is best to approach an expert as soon as possible to alleviate the pain.

The entire process, from start to finish, was undertaken in a most professional, efficient and kind manner. Luke was very approachable and explained everything in a way that I could understand which allowed me to make the right decision. From the outset I felt I was in very capable hands. Considering the scale of the surgery, the level of discomfort was far less than I anticipated which bears testimony to his skill and expertise. The post-operative consultation was informative, caring and reassuring. I will certainly be recommending Luke to anyone I know needing mouth surgery. I cannot emphasise Luke’s competency as an Oral Surgeon enough, paralleled by his easy and comforting manner. My family and I would choose Luke again should any of us need Oral /Maxillofacial surgery.

I would also like to add that Morea and Louise are a credit to Mr Cascarini and were always most kind, concerned and efficient in their communication with me and were always available when I needed them.

Barbara, July 2020

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