I am a specialist surgeon of the Mouth, Jaw and Face (Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon). I'm one of the few in the UK also able to offer Head and Neck Robotic Surgery, complex dentistry and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) replacement. I also work in conjunction with The Regenerative Clinic to offer Stem Cell Treatments.

Any condition that affects the mouth, neck, jaw and face - from impacted wisdom teeth to facial trauma, from salivary gland stones to head and neck cancer, from dental implants to complex reconstruction.

As a Dental Surgeon I remove wisdom teeth or retained roots; as a Head and Neck Surgeon I operate on complex cases using robotic surgery and reconstructive techniques; as a Mouth, Jaw and Face Surgeon I treat jaw joint disorders and facial skin cancer.

I hold private clinics at The London Bridge Hospital, The Wellington Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, The London Clinic and BMI The Sloane Hospital. I operate at these same locations.

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I am happy to speak to referring doctors about individual cases and I am available to see patients within 24 hours of their referral.

Medicine is always moving forwards and I like to keep in touch with what is happening in my area of expertise, commenting on developments and providing medical information for current and future patients.