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John Thoroughgood

Over the past few years the ability to open my mouth to eat was reducing to such a state that I could not even get a single slice of bread into it would having to cut up what I was eating. I had seen several specialists both in the middle east and in the UK

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Lucy Spyrou

It is very rare that you meet someone and instantly feel that you are putting your health into the safest of hands. I had been suffering with facial pain for a couple of years and was diagnosed as having TMJD by my dentist. The issue recently worsened to the extent that I was unable to

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Stephanie Moreland

I’ve undergone many surgeries in my lifetime and I can honestly say Mr Cascarini is probably the best I’ve been treated by. He’s kind caring and takes time to know his patients. He includes you in every step of your care and treatment. He listens to your concerns and opinions and advises according to your

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Alex Hornung

Mr Cascarini operated on my jaw where I have fibrous dysplasia three weeks ago. I feel very lucky to have found him and the process from beginning to end was so much easier and more successful than I could have expected. Carla Woodcock, his personal assistant was more than helpful and kind throughout. Thank you

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Joy McCormack

I would highly recommend Luke Cascarini and the treatment I received under his care. Following a tongue biopsy indicating some severely dysplastic cells, I was referred to Mr. Cascarini – his knowledge, expertise and professionalism combined with his lovely personal style gave me immediate confidence and reassurance that I was in the right hands. He

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Mrs L R (London)

After a routine dental appointment my dentist found a lump on my salivary gland and referred me that day to a Maxi Facial Consultant who I went to see. I felt I needed a second opinion for my own peace of mind and was recommended by The King Edward VII Hospital to Mr Luke Cascarini.

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Anne Duffee

After many years of suffering with Osteoarthritis of my TMJ joints I saw many consultants about what could be done but I was met with you just have to live with it. I then saw Mr Cascarini who understood exactly how I felt and treated me accordingly. After several interventions with much care and attention

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Pat Underwood

Taking biophosphate infusions for osteoporosis had potentially dire consequences for my jaw bones. One doesn’t look forward to operations, especially on the jaw, but Mr Cascarini and his staff were so calm and super-professional that I had total confidence in them. Everything went very smoothly and even painlessly!

Dr Robert Lefever

As a private GP I guided my patients to the top specialists. If I made a poor judgement I lost the patient. I myself recently developed a cyst on my upper jaw. This required very delicate and skilled surgical excision. I became a patient of Mr Luke Cascarini. He has the 3 essential ‘A’s of

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Olivia R.

I was under Mr Cascarini’s care for a number of years with TMJD. Throughout the duration of my treatment, the level of care I received as well as the kind and knowledgeable approach from him and his colleagues was flawless. I was made aware of what was happening at all times and my mind was

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